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An event for Curaçao, An event for the world citizens!

It is no secret that Curaçao is facing several social challenges, therefore this event has the
characteristic to connects to the government program as follows:
1. The Walk of Curacao brings Curaçao in motion;
2. It promotes unity in diversity;
3. It promotes participation of the youth, neighborhoods, (sport)organizations and
companies for promoting health (at work);
4. It contributes to prevention and fosters awareness at the same time;
5. It educates through participation, volunteering and internship;
6. It attracts tourists and promotes Curacao as wellness destination;
7. It promotes collaboration of several ministries and other public and private entities.


To position Curacao as a international walking destination to contribute to the long term vision of the island to become a wellness destination for both locals and tourists.


To be recognized by the International Marching League (IML) as a organization that promotes walking as a worthwhile and healthy recreation in order to attract international walkers and military groups to Curacao.


Yearly organize a four day walking march

Apply to be recognized by the IML after 3 years

Attract at least 2,000 walkers in the first year of which 10% is international walker

Raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle by structurally organizing and promoting amongst others walking events and information sessions.

Engage partners in the private and public sector to contribute to our vision by providing either financial or non-financial support.


Build awareness on a healthy life style through a social-cultural walking experience.

Get in touch with Curacao’s nature, people and culture through an ultimate walking experience.

A social gathering where locals and internationals meet to connect and share the moment.

Working on a meaningful and big event for the community of Curacao while building new relationships and networking with likeminded people.